Survey certificates are needed for certain types of development.

When a survey certificate is required

You may need to submit a survey certificate if you are lodging a development application for redevelopment. A survey certificate may also be required if evidence of accurate ground lines cannot be determined from the plans provided for minor development.

There may be exemptions for:

  • building a new house in a new estate
  • development that relates only to demolition of a building or structure;
  • development in an industrial area;
  • public works, if the works are not proposed within 50m of a residential area;
  • minor development, such as carports, pergolas and decks;
  • signs; and
  • installation of an “attachment” to a roof, provided the attachment does not extend beyond the footprint of the building or structure on which it is to be installed.

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Why get a survey done

Obtaining a survey certificate early on will help architects or building designers and Authority staff who will be assessing the proposal. A registered surveyor can also establish accurate locations of other features on your block – such as buildings, fences, trees and service easements – that can assist in the design process. This information will be useful when preparing the site analysis and during early discussions. On sites with significant changes in level, the information will help to establish floor heights and the interface between external and internal spaces.

Before building work starts, it is important to make sure that the proposed work is:

  • on your land and wholly contained within the boundaries of your block;
  • correctly positioned on your block and in relation to your block boundaries; and
  • set out according to the design plans.

By providing a survey certificate you can avoid disputes about boundaries and structures. The surveyor will take measurements to locate your block boundaries and place markers so your builder knows exactly where to start work. We will be able to ensure the development complies with building setback, building height requirements and tree legislation during their assessment of the plans.

Get a survey certificate

You need to employ a registered surveyor to provide a survey certificate that shows the:

  • boundaries of the land being developed;
  • location of each building or structure on the land; and
  • existing contours of the land.

The survey certificate is lodged as part of your development application.

Get help

You can find a surveyor in the Yellow Pages and you can check the Register of Surveyors by checking the list of Registered land Surveyors to find out whether your surveyor is registered.

How to begin

Contact us to find out if you need a survey certificate.