How to use multi-file upload building application

What you will need:

You will need an internet browser with pop-ups enabled.

Recommended browsers for eDevelopment:

Multi File Upload:

The multi-file upload will be similar to the existing upload process for development applications.

The Project Documents table is broken down into the following sections:

Lodging a new building approval

Log into eDevelopment and create a new building approval as per current process.

The eDevelopment interface has not changed much. Just the items on the left will look slightly different as below.

Menu options on the left side of the screen

Click project documents then click on upload button as per current practice,

A new upload screen will appear.

New upload screen

There are several ways you can upload the documents.

1. Click on the +Add Files icon you can either select an individual or a group of documents to be uploaded.

List of documents in a folder

Click on the open option.

All selected documents will appear on the upload new files popup screen. The default on the “Document Type” is “Advice from Heritage Council”. There are several ways to select the appropriate Document type.

Filter document types

Option 1: Down arrow and scroll down until you locate the appropriate document type.

Select document types

Option 2: Use the filter. Commence to type in the document type and the system will bring up all the options as you type.

Filter document types

2. Uploading Documents: After naming the document type you can now proceed to upload the documents onto eDevelopment.

Uploading the documents can be performed individually by clicking on the blue upload button on the right-hand side of the document.

Upload button on right side of eDevelopment

Successful upload

To upload all the documents at once simple click on the start upload button at the top of the page.

To upload all the documents at once simple click on the start upload button at the top of the page

3. Cancel Documents: During the uploading process you have the ability to cancel an individual document by simply clicking on the cancel icon on the right-hand side of the screen. This will cause the document to stop being uploaded and be deleted from the list.

Cancel an individual document by simply clicking on the cancel icon

If you wish to cancel all the documents whilst they are all being uploaded click on the cancel upload icon. All the documents will stop uploading and be deleted from the upload page. At this point you can click on the add files icon and upload all new documents.

4. Deleting documents:

Option 1: You now have the option to select documents to be deleted either individually by ticking the checkbox under the delete icon on the right-hand side next to the document.

Deleting documents select for deletion check box to delete multiple files at once

Option 2: Select all the documents by ticking the checkbox select all for deletion and then clicking on the delete selected icon.

Arrow pointing to select all for deletion check box

All the documents have now been deleted.

After the documents have been uploaded click on the x to exit the screen. A popup screen will appear confirming that you wish to exit the upload page. Click on the “Leave Page” option to exit.

A popup screen will appear confirming that you wish to exit the upload page. Click on the “Leave Page” option to exit.

Uploading and Deleting Documents from the Table

All the documents that have been uploaded to date are now listed in the project document table ready for submission. You will note that the “Completed” date and “Processed” date are blank. This allows the user to make changes by uploading further documents or deleting documents from the table.

Click on the document within the Table and then click on the Delete tab at the bottom of the table. A popup screen will appear with the name of the document asking you to confirm that the document is to be deleted.

Click on the “OK” button to confirm the deletion.

The document has now been deleted.


Uploaded documents can be replaced with a new version. Access and upload the replacement document/s using the upload function as per normal. Click on the down arrow on the “Replace document” option. This will display the list of the documents that have already been uploaded. Click the down arrow and select the document you wish to replace with the new version. The system will automatically fill in the Document type.

Upload new document screen to upload a new version of the document.

If required additional documents can be uploaded at the same time.

The Project Document table will now display the replacement document as version 2

To view the version or replacement version click on the document then click on the “Version History” Tab.