The DA leasing team

The DA Leasing Team is responsible for administering the development application (DA) side of leasing in the ACT. This includes enquiries relating to varying a Crown lease, assessing and determining DAs for varying a Crown lease and for the leasing process after a DA has been approved, known as the post approval leasing process.

The post approval leasing process includes assisting in the administration of Lease Variation Charge (known as LVC) and lodgement of lease variation instruments or new Crown lease(s) with the Land Titles Office after a DA.

The team aims to provide consistent, quality and timely advice to developments, the community and Government.

What we can do

  • Answer leasing enquiries and undertakes research on matters relating to the varying of a Crown lease, for example to change the purpose clause of a Crown lease or subdivide or consolidate a Crown lease. Please note specific advice can only be provided to the lessee of the land if lessee authorisation is provided by completing an approved form available here.
  • Attend and/or provide advice for pre-application meetings for DAs that include the variation of a Crown lease.
  • Assess and determine lease variation only DAs, including reconsideration of DA decisions, and provide input into design and siting DAs.
  • Manage the post-DA leasing process including the determination of LVC and assisting with the lodgement of variation documents with the Land Titles Office after the leasing DA process.
  • Process applications to determine the concessional status of a Crown lease and assess and determine DAs to remove the concessional status including preparation of Ministerial Briefings.
  • Administer and advise on disallowable instruments (DI’s) and legislative requirements for LVC.

Before contacting the DA Leasing Team, we encourage you to check our website to get a quick answer to your question.

You can contact the DA Leasing Team:

by phone at (02) 6207 5403

by email at

What we can’t do

The DA Leasing Team cannot help with some enquiries, such as questions about the direct sale process for public land, complaints about noise, non-compliance with legislation or disputes between neighbours.

For complaints about land or between neighbours or if you have a concern about someone complying with a lease or planning law please contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

For help with unit title, community title or other leasing enquires please contact Leasing Services at

Other common contacts

Customer services

If you wish to schedule a pre-application meeting, learn how to submit a development application online or have a question about eDevelopment, please contact Customer Services on 6207 1923 or at

DA Gateway

If you have general planning enquiries about the planning rules in the ACT, zoning, the codes that may apply to a development, whether a development approval may be required or the development approval process you can contact the DA Gateway Team:

  • by phone at (02) 6205 2888
  • online by submitting an enquiry
  • in person at 16 Challis Street Dickson, between 8:30 am-4:30 pm on business days.

EIS or estate developments

If you have a question about the processes for environmental impact assessments or estate development plans please email

Land Titles Office

For all land title enquiries, including title searches and how to register changes to or an interest against land in the ACT, please contact the Land Titles Office on (02) 6207 3000 or

Building approvals

In the ACT, building approval is granted by an independent building certifier. We encourage you to discuss matters relating to building approval with your certifier. For questions about internal renovations or building code regulations please call the Building Registrations Team on (02) 6207 6266 or email

Access Canberra

General enquiries related to ACT Government matters can be directed to Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or visit

Building and construction complaints

Construction and building related complaints can be lodged by:

Phone: 02 6207 1923 - ask to speak to the investigations team
Online: Controlled Activity or Construction Occupations Complaint form (this form can be used if can be used if you believe that someone is undertaking building works without relevant approvals)

Leasing Services

For further leases, lease advice including interpretations, liquor and motor vehicle licensing, rural leases, paying out land rent, consent to transfers or advice around unit titling or community titling please email


If you require advice relating to heritage listed areas please email

Noise and contamination

For enquiries related to noise or site contamination please email


If you plan to damage any trees during construction or need advice on trees, please email

Fence complaints

If you disagree with your neighbour about your common boundary fence, you can seek advice from the Common Boundaries Act 1981 or call the Conflict Resolution Service on (02) 6162 4050 or the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal on (02) 6207 1740.

If your fence shares a boundary with Territory Land (such as parks, reserves or footpaths), please contact Transport Canberra and City Services on (02) 6207 0019.

Transport Canberra and City Services

Any work on unleased land requires approval from Transport Canberra and City Services.

If you have a development application question for Transport Canberra and City Services, or a question about Design or Operational Acceptance for your development, please contact TCCS at

For general enquiries relating to Transport Canberra and City Services, including for verge crossing and driveways, you can contact TCCS at (02) 6207 0019.

If you have an enquiry about outdoor dining you can contact TCCS at 6207 0400.

Designated land

Designated land is managed by the National Capital Authority. For works on designated land, you need to contact the National Capital Authority on (02) 6271 2888.

Fix my street, including noise complaints

Fix My Street is an online reporting facility which provides direct contact with ACT Government agencies for the reporting and resolution of municipal service requests, including noise complaints. You can access this through the Access Canberra website at

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