Lease conditions and responsibilities

Although the Territory Plan is the overall planning document in the ACT, most of the details that are relevant to a block appear in the lease and development conditions for that block. The Crown lease sets out your rights and obligations and the purpose for which the land can be used.

What the documents tell you

The lease and development conditions give specific  information about developing your block. The information may include things such as where on the block you can build, any restrictions on the height or appearance of the building or types of fencing, responsibilities for tree preservation, servicing, landscaping and the like. Even after you build, these lease and development conditions must be considered for any future building work, such as an extension. You can check the Lease and Development Conditions Register for the conditions that apply to your block.


One of the key obligations of Crown lessees is to develop the land in accordance with the building and development covenant, which requires that you complete a building on your land within 24 months from the commencement date of the lease.


Property owners are required to maintain, repair and keep in repair their land and the buildings on it for the duration of the lease. For example, rubbish is not allowed to accumulate inside or outside the leased  land where it is unsightly and poses health and safety risks. You can make a complaint or consider applying for an order if you are concerned someone is not maintaining their property as they should.