Consent to transfer a lease

In most cases Crown leases in the ACT contain provisions requiring the leaseholder to commence and complete development on the land in a stated time.

If these provisions have not been met and a person wants to transfer the lease they need to apply to EPD for consent to transfer the lease using the relevant Consent to Transfer form (available at the bottom of this page).

Documents that need to be submitted with the forms are listed on the form. A completeness check will be undertaken to make sure all necessary documentation is submitted with the application. Applicants are advised if all the relevant documents have not been submitted.

From 1 September 2015, fees will be payable on applications seeking consent to transfer that fail the completeness check.

The fees are based on the number of failure notices issued during the completeness check process.  Minor omissions will not constitute a failure and will be addressed by EPD staff with the applicant.

Any fees payable will be required to be paid prior to the consent to transfer being approved.

If an application seeking consent to transfer is withdrawn and the same or substantially the same information is submitted within three months, any completeness check failure fees for the original application must be paid before the consent to transfer will be accepted for lodgement.

All fees are payable once the completeness check has been accepted for lodgement and all relevant documents have been provided. The application will be assessed after the fee is paid.

Note: The first transfer form refers only to the first sale of an individual lease of undeveloped land. This means first transfers should only be used when the lessee is the estate developer.

The second transfer form should be used in all other cases.