Public and unleased land

Custodianship map

The Planning and Land Authority must create and maintain a custodianship map that identifies and gives administrative responsibility for unleased Territory land and public land in the ACT. The map may include anything else that the we consider appropriate.


A custodian for an area of land is an administrative unit or other entity with administrative responsibility for the land in the custodianship map. The responsibilities and role of the custodian include signing development applications in relation to public land or unleased Territory land.

Providing for public land

The custodian for an area of unleased Territory land or the Conservator of Flora and Fauna may recommend to us that the Territory Plan be varied so an area of land is identified as public land. The custodian or Conservator may also recommend that an area already reserved as public land either be varied in size, shape or purpose, or that it cease to be designated as public land.

Management of public land

An area of public land must be managed in accordance with the management objectives applying to the area and any plan of management for the area.

Leases for public land

On the written recommendation of the Conservator of Flora and Fauna and the land custodian, we may grant a lease for all or part of an area of public land, except where the land has been reserved under the Territory Plan as a wilderness area.

Licences for unleased land

Person can apply for a licence to occupy or use unleased Territory land, provided the application has the written consent of the custodians of the land. If the relevant land is public land, we must not grant the application unless the grant has been agreed to by the Conservator of Flora and Fauna.