Plans of management

An area of public land must be managed in accordance with the management objectives applying to the area and any plan of management for the area.

Content of plan

Schedule 3 of the Planning and Development Act 2007 lists categories of public land and the management objectives for those categories. A plan of management must include a description of the area of public land to which it applies and the manner in which the objectives are to be implemented or promoted.

Custodians’ role

It is the custodian’s responsibility to prepare a draft plan of management as soon as practicable after the area is identified as public land. The Conservator of Flora and Fauna, must, however, be consulted and may also initiate amendments to plans of management.

The custodian may update an existing management plan if they consider it outdated. The custodian of the land must also review a plan of management every 10 years and if satisfied that the plan is no longer appropriate, prepare a draft variation of the plan of management for the land.

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Draft variation of a plan of management

The custodian or Conservator of Flora and Fauna may prepare a draft variation of a plan of management in the same manner as a draft plan of management. The Conservator cannot do so unless they have consulted the custodian of the area.

Public consultation

The custodian or Conservator of Flora and Fauna must make copies of the final draft plan available to an appropriate Legislative Assembly committee and for public inspection at places stated in a written notice.

The custodian or Conservator of Flora and Fauna of a draft plan of management may revise it after considering any written representations or to correct any formal error before submitting it to the Minister for approval. Written reports about any issues raised in any comments about the draft plan and the proponent’s consultation with the public and anyone else about the plan must be submitted with the draft. If comments by The Planning and Land Authority or Conservator are not incorporated into the plan, a written explanation must also be submitted explaining their exclusion.

A draft plan of management and any accompanying reports received by the Minister must be given to an appropriate committee of the Legislative Assembly within five working days.

The Minister’s role

The Minister may, at any time before a draft plan of management is approved, direct that a planning report or strategic environmental assessment be completed for any aspect of the draft plan. The Minister may do so on the Minister’s own initiative or by request from the Conservator of Flora and Fauna.

The Minister must consider any recommendation by a committee of the Legislative Assembly to which the plan was submitted and will approve the plan in the form in which it is submitted or refer the plan to the proponent together with written directions.

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