Affordable Housing

The ACT Government is committed to providing safe, affordable and appropriate homes for all Canberrans.

There are unique and complex challenges in the housing market. Recognising this, the ACT Government has developed the ACT Housing Strategy that puts in place policy interventions to meet the Territory's diverse and changing needs, now and into the future.

The ACT Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan was released in October 2018 and includes a sustainable supply of housing for households at all income levels.

Visit the Homes and Housing for information about housing options in the ACT, including:

  • crisis accommodation
  • public housing
  • community housing and
  • affordable home purchase opportunities.

Latest affordable housing initiatives

As part of the ACT Housing Strategy, the ACT Government has undertaken a series of reforms to improve affordable home purchase opportunities.

The ACT Government has introduced annual targets for public, community and affordable home purchase to apply to select ACT Government land releases.

A number of concurrent reforms to affordable home purchases were also announced, including:

  • changes to eligibility criteria
  • purchase price thresholds
  • creating an Affordable Home Purchase database.

More information

Phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or email