Affordable Home Purchase

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A mix of units, apartments and townhouses are planned to be built as part of the ACT Government’s Affordable Home Purchase scheme. The scheme aims to help people who most need affordable housing to access it.

If you are interested and meet the eligibility criteria below, please register your interest on the Affordable Home Purchase database. Eligible homebuyers will have the opportunity of being included in ballots for an affordable dwelling in those developments that have an affordable dwelling requirement.

The 2019-20 affordable home purchase target of 488 dwellings will be released across eight suburbs including, Gungahlin Town Centre, Taylor, Coombs, Whitlam, Strathnairn, Belconnen Town Centre, City and Phillip.

This is in addition to the 865 dwellings across Gungahlin Town Centre, Taylor, Coombs, Wright, Whitlam, Strathnairn, Belconnen Town Centre, Greenway, Lyneham, Lyons and Lawson from the 2017–18 and 2018–19 financial years.

Price thresholds apply to affordable homes based on the net living area and are indexed annually.

Dwelling size (net living area) Maximum price
Up to 80m2 $330,000
Between 80m2 and 105m2 $381,000
Greater than 105m2 $434,000

Previous year price thresholds were:

Year Maximum Price
2007-08 $300,000
2008-09 $309,000
2009-10 $322,000
2010-11 $328,000
2011-12 $337,000

Maximum Price by Dwelling Size:

Year<80m2 80m2-105m2 >105m2
2012-13 $290,000 $340,000 $373,000
2013-14 $291,000 $341,000 $374,000
2014-15 $291,000 $341,000 $374,000
2015-16 $295,000 $346,000 $380,000
2016-17 $296,000 $348,000 $382,000
2017-18 $323,000 $374,000 $425,000
2018-19 $330,000 $381,000 $434,000
2019-20 $330,000 $381,000 $434,000

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for Affordable Home Purchase you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be an Australian resident or permanent resident
  • Have a total gross income for all applicants (including domestic partners) of less than $100,000, for households of up to 2 children, increasing gross income limit by $16,000 per additional child up to a capped maximum of $148,000 for 5 or more children
  • Do not own, or not have owned any property (including other homes, land or commercial properties, such as a shop)
  • Your money in bank accounts, shares and investments (including superannuation payouts) must not exceed $116,375 for a single person, or $148,625 for 2 or more household members
  • Have at least 1 applicant who will live in the home continuously for 12 months
  • Reside in the ACT or intend to reside in the ACT
  • register on the Affordable Home Purchase database.

More information

Phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81, email or submit an enquiry online.

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