Tuggeranong and Erindale Stage 1 consultation

Stage 1 enabled the EPSDD to identify key issues and begin to develop a vision for each centre.

Information from stage one consultation was used to develop a vision, goals, design principles and preliminary ideas for each centre. These were tested during stage 2 of consultation.

See the outcomes report for full details of stage one of consultation.

Consultation Stage 1

Launch master plan and seek comment on a vision for each centre and identify issues




Stakeholder interviews Various – See Stage 1 link for more details Late October and Early November 2011
Planning workshop Group Workout Room, Erindale Active Leisure Centre ( Erindale College) Saturday 13 November 2011
Tuggeranong Festival Display at Tuggeranong Town Park Saturday 27 November 2010
Presentation Tuggeranong Community Council Tuesday 7 December 2010
Youth consultation road show Various – See Stage 2 link for more details February to April 2011

A summary of events can be found below.

Stakeholder interviews

Throughout November and December 2010, interviews were held with 14 key stakeholders with an interest in the future planning of Tuggeranong and Erindale centres.

Planning workshop

A planning workshop on 13 November 2010 at the Erindale Active Leisure Centre was open to residents, community groups, lessees, local businesses owners and anyone with an interest in the centre. Participants at the drop in session viewed materials and participated in activities to help to inform the master planning project.


  • were introduced to the project and project approach
  • were asked what they do and do not like about the centre
  • were asked to identify issues the project team should be aware of
  • were asked about their vision for the future of each centre.

Disappointingly, less than 20 people attended, so EPSDD reconsidered the consultation process to maximise future community participation. One response was to attend at the Tuggeranong Festival to ensure community input into the project’s early stage.

Tuggeranong Festival

An information stall was held at the Tuggeranong Festival on 27 November 2010. See more in the outcomes report.


EPSDD introduced the project to the Tuggeranong Community Council on Tuesday 7 December 2010.

Tuggeranong and Erindale Centres youth consultation

Youth consultation was carried out between February and April 2011.

Road show

The Tuggeranong and Erindale youth consultation road show was part of the broader consultation for the Tuggeranong and Erindale centres master plan. The road shows collected data from young people who live, work, play or study in the Tuggeranong and Erindale centre areas. Over 125 students from the following institutions participated in the road shows:

  • Tuggeranong Youth Centre
  • Police and Citizens Youth Centre
  • Tuggeranong College
  • Erindale College
  • McKillop Catholic College
  • Trinity Christian College

Schools competition

In addition to the road show, a competition for 12-24 years old was established as an alternative method to capture issues and ideas relating to the centres.

See the youth consultation report: PDF RTF