Canberra Urban and Regional Futures

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate has partnered with the Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) to undertake research and provide advice to contribute to urban renewal and regional planning policies and practices for the ACT. As part of this program, CURF facilitates educational workshops and discussions to build understanding and capacity within ACT Government on the impacts of climate change on urban and regional planning.

CURF is based at the University of Canberra. CURF had its origins in the realisation that urbanisation, population pressures, the impacts of climate change and an awareness of the environmental and social impacts of urban growth were driving an increasing interest in research for evidence based decision making on cities and regions. The overall objective of our research is to find new pathways and implementation strategies for sustainable futures for cities and regions.

CURF provides a series of Working Papers and Research Projects, designed to inform policy development. You can visit the CURF website for more information.

CURF also provides a national and international collaborative platform for the creation and dissemination of research and knowledge across four key research themes. These themes are: