Community Gardens in the ACT

Community gardens are an increasingly popular community-based activity for growing food collectively and locally—both internationally and in Australia. The ACT Government has prepared a guide for communities seeking to establish community gardens.

The guide provides an overview of policies and practices for community gardening, guidance for proposals for new community gardens, including the role of the government, and site selection criteria for proposed community garden sites.

Community consultation

The ACT Government consulted the community about what should be considered in determining the future location of community gardens in the ACT in 2012. Community suggestions were very helpful in preparing the final guide.

University of Canberra community gardens study

As part of the development of the guide, the ACT Government commissioned the University of Canberra to prepare a study of the demand for community gardens and their benefits for the ACT community.

Community gardens development approval exemptions

In providing support for community gardens, the ACT Government recently introduced an exemption for community gardens from development approval on unleased territory land.

For full exemption information see Division 1.3.3A in schedule 1 of the Planning and Development Regulation 2008.