Future development signs

Signs have been installed on vacant, unleased blocks of land that are reserved for future development. These are individual sites within existing suburbs still owned by the Government that have been confirmed as being part of the ACT’s land stock. They may look like open space to the community, but have been for some time zoned for different types of development.

What the signs tell you

This is an example of the signs. They are on about 60 sites to make the community more aware of which blocks of land are available for development in the future so there are minimal surprises in later years when an undeveloped block of land is sold and built on.

Where they are installed

Most of the signs are on land that has a Community Facility or Commercial land use, and these are often located within or near local shops or other community facilities. In some cases, the blocks are next to or near formally protected urban open space, which cannot be built on.

This list of sites describes where the signs can be found and the land use policy of the previous Territory Plan. You can check the new Territory Plan Written Statement to read about the land use and what can happen on those sites. You can also check the Territory Plan maps to see what blocks surround these sites and what land use policy applies to them.

If you have any questions, please call us on 02 6207 1923.

Why they are installed

The work was done as a follow up to a review of more than 300 sites that resembled open space but whose permitted land use was not open space (ie: vacant, unleased land, often near existing formal urban open space areas).

That review led to 246 sites being given planning protection, or enhanced protection – which significantly increased the amount of Canberra’s formal open space – and about 60 sites were kept for future development to meet the changing needs of the community and business. Those development sites now have signs installed on them.

The review led to changes to the Territory Plan. The review and the Variation involved consultation over several years.

The review was completed because of a Government commitment to identify and protect the open space network which has helped give Canberra its image as the garden city capital of Australia and which is an important element of the city structure.