Types of codes

There are three types of codes in the Territory Plan.

Precinct Codes (including Concept Plans)

Precinct Codes contain special provisions that apply to individual suburbs or geographical areas, for instance setbacks, active frontages and building height limits.

Precinct Codes can also list additional land uses that may be permitted or prohibited in a particular location.

Each Precinct Code has a Precinct Map showing the areas where the Precinct Code applies.

Development Codes

Development Codes contain the majority of the planning controls applying to a specific zone or type of development, e.g. Single Dwelling Housing Development Code or Commercial Zones Development Code. They contain the provisions that apply to all developments of that type.

General Codes

General Codes contain provisions that address particular planning and design issues and may relate to any kind of development across any of the zones, e.g. Access and Mobility General Code or Parking and Vehicular Access General Code.

If there is any inconsistency between applicable codes, then the Precinct Code will always take precedence over the Development Code, which in turn takes precedence over the General Code.

Rules and Criteria

The Territory Plan codes are divided into rules and criteria.

Rules provide definitive controls for development. If a provision contains only a rule without any applicable criteria, then the rule is mandatory.

Criteria provide the qualitative controls for development. Development may be considered against criteria if the corresponding rule has not been met, or if there is no applicable rule.

If developments meet all the relevant rules of the Territory Plan, it may be exempt from requiring a development approval. This applies to developments listed as exempt under the relevant development table.

Developments that are unable to meet all the relevant rules, but are able to meet the criteria, are required to lodge a development application and be assessed against the rules and criteria of the Territory Plan.

To find out whether your development may be exempt and what Territory Plan rules apply, contact the Gateway Team.