Recommended variations to the Territory Plan

DV363 Curtin Group Centre and adjacent residential areas

Draft Variation 363 Curtin Group Centre (DV363) incorporates the recommendations of the recently approved Curtin Group Centre Master Plan (November 2018) into the Territory Plan to provide guidance on the desired built form and character of the centre as it develops into the future.

Changes have been made to the previously notified draft variation 363 (NI2019-350) to better align the height provisions with the approved Curtin Group Centre Master Plan. These changes are contained in the draft Curtin Precinct Code. The closing date to provide comments was extended until 21 August 2019.

Public availability notice

Recommended Draft Variation (804.4 KB)

Report on Consultation (306.3 KB)

Appendix 1 - Draft Variation 363 (1.8 MB)

Appendix 2 - Public comments (4.5 MB)

Background documents

Proposed changes to the Curtin Precinct Map and Code

Curtin Master Plan

Written comments about the draft variation were invited until COB Wednesday 21 August 2019.

What happens with your comments?

Comments will be made publicly available, for a period of at least 15 working days starting 10 working days after the closing date, at the Access Canberra Shopfront in Dickson and will be published on the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate website.

Can you request your comments not to be made public?

Yes, under section 411 of the Act part of the comments can be excluded and made unavailable to the public upon request. You will need to put your request in writing, clearly identifying what you are seeking to exclude and how the request satisfies the exclusion criteria. Please note that name and contact details and other personal information will not be made public unless requested.

Are the changes to the Territory Plan effective immediately?

Section 65 of the Act applies to DV363 and therefore it has interim effect. This means that the provisions of DV363 apply to development applications lodged on or after 10 July 2019.

Note 1: Your personal information will be managed in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2014 and the EPSDD Information Privacy Policy.