ACT Legislative Assembly and Assembly Committees

The elected members of the Legislative Assembly, on behalf of their constituents, take a special interest in planning and land management issues. A number of assembly standing committees may have a role in considering aspects of the Directorate’s operations. On occasions, select committees are formed that may inquire into specific issues concerning the Directorate’s operations.

The ACT Legislative Assembly

The Assembly as a whole has the power to recommend that the Minister direct the Directorate to do certain things within our charter. This power is used infrequently. Reporting on planning and land management matters is more commonly undertaken by the Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal or by the Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services.

Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal

This committee examines matters relating to:

  • planning
  • land management
  • the planning process
  • amendments to the Territory Plan
  • consultation requirements
  • design and sustainability outcomes including energy performance and policy matters to support a range of housing options

Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services

This committee examines matters related to:

  • city and transport services
  • public infrastructure
  • heritage
  • sport and recreation
  • matters related to all aspects of climate change policy and programs
  • water and energy policy and programs
  • provision of water and energy services
  • conservation
  • environment
  • ecological sustainability

Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety (Legislative Scrutiny Role)

This committee, when performing the duties of a scrutiny of bills and subordinate legislation:

  • considers whether any instrument of a legislative nature made under an Act which is subject to disallowance and/or disapproval by the Assembly is in accord with the general objects of the Act under which it is made
  • considers whether any explanatory statement or explanatory memorandum associated with legislation and any regulatory impact statement meets the technical or stylistic standards expected
  • ensures the clauses of bills introduced into Assembly does not trespass on personal rights and liberties or inappropriately delegate legislative powers
  • reports about human rights issues raised by bills presented to the Assembly

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

This committee:

  • examines the accounts and expenditure of the ACT and its authorities and all reports of the Auditor-General which have been presented to the Assembly
  • reports to the Assembly any items or matters in those accounts, statements and reports, or any circumstances connected with them, to which the committee is of the opinion that the attention of the Assembly should be directed
  • inquires into any question in connection with public accounts referred to it by the Assembly and reports to the Assembly on that question
  • examines matters relating to market and regulatory reform (excluding Access Canberra), public sector management, taxation and revenue