ACT Place Names Committee - Terms of Reference


This document sets out the roles and responsibilities of the ACT Place Names Committee.

It provides guidance on the Committee's purpose, roles, responsibilities, operations, tenure and obligations.

Role of the ACT Place Names Committee

The Committee has been established to:

  1. Advise the responsible Minister (or Minister's delegate) on all proposals for geographic and division (suburb) names and the themes to be adopted for naming roads and other public places on Territory land in the ACT.
  2. Advise the ACT Place Names officers on proposed special commemorations or matters brought before members at committee meetings or by email.
  3. Consider and advise on place name issues that arise from time to time.
  4. Review proposed names for new roads and other public places and provide guidance to the Place Names officers as required.

Responsibilities of the ACT Place Names Committee

  1. To assess the suitability of eminent Australians and Australiana, or things characteristic of Australia, for commemoration in ACT nomenclature.
  2. When selecting or endorsing draft division or public place names, the Committee must consider the provisions of the Public Place Names Act 1989 and relevant addressing guidelines and standards.

Membership and expertise

  1. Membership is appointed by the Minister, for a three year period, and may consist of:
    • a chairperson with relevant experience
    • the Surveyor-General of the ACT
    • a representative with an understanding of local heritage
    • representatives with a background in, or knowledge of, Australian history (local and/or national)
    • a representative from the local media
    • a representative with a multicultural background
    • an Indigenous representative
    • a representative of the National Capital Authority.

Membership of the Committee is on a voluntary basis. There is no minimum or maximum membership and two or more people can be appointed to fulfill each category.

Operation of the Committee

  1. The Committee will meet when convened by the chair, but at least twice a year.
  2. Members will be expected to provide advice on place names matters via email on a regular basis.
  3. Members may be called upon occasionally to speak publicly on behalf of the Committee.  Depending upon the subject this will be the most appropriate member as deemed by the Committee Chair.
  4. Where the Committee is unable to reach clear agreement on a division name, or public place name, the Chair will either:
    • Defer the issue to the following meeting if time allows;
    • Suggest the issue be further researched and a decision made out of session;
    • Refer to the Minister with recommendations highlighting dissenting views; or
    • Reject the name.