Non-duplication of names

Duplication of street names may lead to confusion for members of the public and, critically, for emergency service providers. An emergency service's response to an incident may be impeded by attending an incorrect address. Therefore, to reduce the risk to the lives and property of ACT residents the following policy has been developed.

General advice

Duplication of street names is to be avoided in all instances.

Where a surname has already been used in Canberra's street nomenclature and a person of the same name has been nominated for commemoration, consideration is to be given to either:

  • the use of both the first and last name of the person except where this would lead to confusion, for example, similarly spelt names (John Smith Street and John Smyth Circuit) are to be avoided due to the potential for error and confusion;
  • the person's name being included in a multiple commemoration; or
  • commemoration through the naming of a park or other feature.