Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Report

The 2010 Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Report reviewed the design for the town centre and considered the planning requirements to improve the public spaces and stimulate future development. The report recommended changes to the Territory Plan that was implemented through Territory Plan Variation 300.

The aim of the planning report was to:

  • Identify key planning, transport and urban design issues
  • Review the existing planning framework and planning controls
  • Make recommendations to address the key issues for the centre and guide future development.

The planning report follows commnunity engagement that was undertaken in 2008 for a concept planning report and issues paper.

Planning report findings

The main recommendations of the planning report include:

  • changing planning controls to enable increased development of retail and office accommodation and community facilities, particularly reserving large blocks to the east of the town centre for future office and employment
  • rezoning areas in and around the centre to encourage a mix of uses, including retail, entertainment and community
  • allowing taller buildings in some areas to promote a more compact centre and encourage uses that generate a larger employment base in the centre, while limiting overshadowing of Hibberson Street and public spaces
  • providing rapid public transport on Hibberson Street
  • encouraging more pedestrians along Hibberson Street by diverting the main vehicular traffic around the edges of the town centre and improving public spaces.


The Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Study began in 2008 when nearly half of the centre had been developed. The study aimed to assess progress from the previous two decades of development and determine if community needs were being met.