Kippax Group Centre Master Plan

Kippax aerial view artist impression The ACT Government has supported the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan. The master plan was developed in consultation with the local community, local business and landholders. It outlines the vision, planning principles and strategies to guide growth and development in the centre. It recommends creating a centralised community hub and allowing retail expansion to support the local economy and growing population. The master plan also recommends improvements to public spaces and parking and that connections for pedestrians and cyclists are enhanced to better support the local community.

Community engagement

Stage 1 - Community Engagement: Issues and ideas

The first stage of community engagement for the Kippax Group Centre was undertaken between 2013 and 2014. This process included a Strategic Planning Review (the review) which was initiated in 2013 by Riverview Projects, working in partnership with the ACT Government to develop Ginninderry, a new residential estate. The review was undertaken in anticipation of the demand that the growing Ginninderry population is likely to place on the Kippax group centre.

EPSDD also facilitated an additional range of first stage engagement activities as part of an ongoing dialogue with government and non-government stakeholders. These activities highlighted suggestions and challenges for the centre that informed the development of the Kippax Group Centre Draft Master Plan.

See what the community had to say: Stage 1 Engagement Snapshot.

Stage 2 - Community Engagement: Draft Master Plan

The first stage of community engagement informed the preparation of the Kippax Group Centre Draft Master Plan. During this second stage of engagement, a poster display was available at the Kippax Library and in Kippax Fair and two meet the planners' session were held at Kippax Fair. Engagement on the draft master plan concluded in February 2016.

Key messages from the community included:

  • strong support for the proposal to establish a central hub with new community facilities, play space, trees and caf├ęs next to the Kippax Library
  • a high level of commentary relating to the accessibility of the centre by walking, cycling and public transport, including safety between the car parks and the shops.
  • suggestions for enhancing the highly valued ovals and open/green spaces by offering more recreational facilities
  • concern about the impact of development on disruption and demand for parking as the convenient and accessible parking is of central importance to the community
  • concern about the proposed new roads and traffic management at the intersections and pedestrian/cyclist safety, and
  • mixed views about the proposed building heights.

Details on the outcomes of stage 2 can be found in the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan – Community Engagement Report Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Stage 3 - Community Panel

Kippax community hub artist impression EPSDD has hosted three community panel meetings to discuss the development and redevelopment opportunities for the group centre. This process was designed to bring developers and community together to look for shared outcomes. The panel format facilitated discussion on the future of the group centre with representation from the community, lessees, owners, young people, developers and government. The panel meetings were framed around the master plan process, development proposals, infrastructure, things that make the area special to the community and business in the group centre.

Through the community panel process it was found that the panel largely supported retail expansion to the east of the Kippax Fair. It was agreed that it could result in an excellent outcome for the area that would draw more people to the centre and support the existing and expanded retail.

See a summary of the community panel meetings in the Kippax Group Centre Draft Master Plan Community Panel Outcomes Report.

Stage 4 - Community Engagement: Revised Draft Master Plan

This final stage of community engagement sought comments on revisions made to the Kippax Group Centre Draft Master Plan as a result of the community panel's recommendations. Feedback from this find stage of engagement can be found in the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan – Community Engagement Report Stage 2, 3 and 4.


Community engagement report stage 4 (Individual submissions for Kippax Group Centre) (PDF 467KB)

Background studies

Next steps

The master plan will be implemented through a range of further actions including:

  • A draft variation to the Territory Plan (DV361) to revise the existing Holt Precinct Map and Code. DV361 is currently being considered.
  • Land release of a number of Territory Plan owned blocks.
  • Capital works for public domain upgrades to be considered in context of future budget funding.
  • Uptake of opportunities by private developers and the community.