ACTmapi data and web services are changing

This page will updated regularly with more information on the changes to SDMS and ACTmapi.

What is happening?

The ACT is adopting Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 (GDA2020)

GDA2020 will be adopted for all surveying, mapping and spatial data. The official projection for the ACT shall be the Map Grid of Australia 2020 (Zone 55).

Refer to Adopting Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 for further information on the upcoming changes due in October 2019.

The Spatial Data Management System (SDMS) will store data in GDA2020 and in a new data model

SDMS is the point of truth for data such as:

All data published on ACTmapi and the Geospatial Data Catalogue will be in GDA2020

To ensure consistency, all spatial data provided via ACTmapi will use GDA2020.

ACTmapi web service names and schemas will be changing

ACTmapi web services will change to use the new data schemas and GDA2020 datasets. A clear migration document is being developed to assist users switch to the new services.

What do you need to do?

If you use ACTmapi maps: You should experience minimal change. You may notice that some data layers that are available in a map have changed, however all data will remain available for display. ACTmapi maps will become more flexible for users to create a display using any data available.

A second state of work will remove some of the infrequently used maps from public display. The data will remain available to be added to other maps.

If you use ACTmapi web services: You should be aware that existing web services will change. In some cases, changes will be minimal, however significant changes will also occur. Detailed information will be made available to assist users migrate to the new web services.

All new web services will use GDA2020, and many will use the new SDMS schema.

If you use the Geospatial Data Catalogue: The Geospatial Data Catalogue datasets will be updated or changed to reflect the new data. In all cases, data will use GDA2020.