About the LiDAR data

Airborne LiDAR was acquired by the ACT Government in 2015 as a dataset to represent the entire ACT. The dataset may be used to accurately model the impacts of climate change, disaster management, water security, environmental management, urban planning and infrastructure design.

The full dataset covers the entire state of the ACT with a density of 4 pulses per square metre, and the Canberra's City Centre at 8 pulses per square metre (ppm).

LiDAR is classified to ICSM specification Level 3 (for ground) and delivered as LAS v1.4 in both ellipsoidal and othormetric formats. In addition, full waveform datasets have been provided for a small region within the 8 pulses per square metre area of interest.

Licence conditions

The LiDAR data is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence. The ACT Government requests attribution as:

(c) Australian Capital Territory.

How to access the LiDAR data


The classified Australian Height Datum (AHD) LiDAR 4ppm and 8ppm point cloud data for the ACT region is available for download from Elevation – Foundation Spatial Data.

Request full dataset

The entire set of LiDAR data is available for the cost of a hard drive ($330 incl GST) from the Office of the Surveyor-General and Land Information.

The full data comprises:

Email spatialdata@act.gov.au to request a copy.