Spatial Data Management System

The Spatial Data Management System (SDMS) is the major geographic information system used for planning and land management in the ACT Government. SDMS data are available through ACTmapi and the Geospatial Data Catalogue and include:

  • street addresses of all urban blocks
  • state, district, division (suburb), electoral and city names and boundaries
  • urban block boundaries
  • rural block boundaries
  • unit titles
  • road kerbs, centre lines and road names
  • waterbodies
  • survey control mark location and information
  • spot heights on a 40 metre grid over the ACT
  • names of features of interest
  • contours over ACT's urban areas
  • The Territory Plan showing land use policies and overlays

SDMS licence costs

The details of SDMS digital data costs are set out in the fees and charges booklet (HTML version) under the ACTLIC section. For the supply of SDMS digital data, please contact us.