Survey control mark status report

The network of survey control marks and their spatial positions are a key element in the infrastructure of the ACT. Because of their importance to survey, engineering and related industries, survey marks are protected via the Surveyors Act 2007.

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Survey mark - status

Over time, it is to be expected that some survey marks are destroyed, damaged or become difficult to find. Therefore it is important to report the status of survey marks as soon as possible to enable ACTPLA to supply the surveying industry with current information on marks and ensure time is not wasted searching for non-existent marks.

Please use the Survey control mark status report form to advise us of the current status of survey marks. Anyone can make a report.

Status of marks - Descriptions


Physical evidence of the removal of a survey mark, or an extensive search using all information available, indicates the mark has gone.

Not found

Preliminary investigation suggests that the mark has gone but a thorough search has not been undertaken.


Physical evidence of damage to the survey mark that may effect its spatial position (horizontal and/or vertical).


Survey mark found undamaged in its original position.

To be destroyed

Survey mark is to be destroyed in the near future. Permission from the ACT Surveyor- General is required to knowingly destroy a survey mark. This can be done via the survey control mark status report form. Early advice provides an opportunity for a surveyor to replace the mark.

Survey mark – New/updated spatial position

The horizontal or vertical coordinates of some survey marks available through the Survey Control Mark Database may be incorrect as a result of an older and less accurate survey or through mark movement. I you have updated horizontal or vertical coordinates, please let ACTPLA so it can update the database to ensure the currency and correctness of the information.

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