Surveyors' responsibilities


Surveyors must be registered to be able to provide boundary information. You can check to ensure a surveyor is registered under the Surveyors Act 2007 (the Act) by contacting the custodian of the ACT Register of Surveyors on 02 6207 1639.


Advertisements for surveyors do not always clearly identify whether or not they are registered under the Act. Surveyors may describe themselves as consulting (or consultant) surveyors or land surveyors however they may still be registered and fully qualified to provide boundary surveys.

It is illegal for anyone other than surveyors registered under the Act to perform certain types of survey work, in particular, the determination of the location of land boundaries. If you require that type of survey and are in doubt about the status of a surveyor you should ask them to confirm that they are currently registered under the Act or check their registration yourself as described above.


All private surveyors should have adequate professional indemnity insurance. It is advisable to confirm this with the surveyor before engaging their services.


Anyone who believes a registered or formerly registered surveyor has contravened the Act  should make this known to the Chief Surveyor. Complaints may result in disciplinary action for surveyors. Complaints must be in writing and addressed to:

Surveyor-General of the ACT
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601