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Canberra's suburb and street names present an interesting mosaic of Australia's local and national high achievers, its geography, heritage and history. Some of the people commemorated are well known, whilst others made their mark as quiet achievers. Our Indigenous heritage, Australian geography and history are all drawn together and reflected in the National Capital's place names.

In 1927, the Canberra National Memorials Committee, in a report to the Federal Parliament on the Naming of Canberra's Streets and Suburbs, proposed that street names in Canberra's suburbs follow a theme. This policy (one of the oldest in the ACT) has been followed to this day.

Using the search tool on ACTmapi, you can find information about the origin and significance of commemorated place names in the ACT, including names representing Australian flora and fauna, writers, artists, scientists and words from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander vocabulary.