ACT Place Names Committee

The ACT Place Names Committee provides advice to establish policies for the naming of divisions (suburbs) and public places on Territory Land in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).


The committee is appointed by the Minister for Planning and Land Management to advise on the naming of suburbs, public places, geographical features and contentious naming matters. The current members are:

  • Mr Jeff Brown, Surveyor-General of the ACT (Co-chair)
  • Mr Craig Allen
  • Ms Samantha Faulkner
  • Dr David Headon
  • Dr Anne McGrath
  • Mr Allen Mawer
  • Mr Kanish Oberoi
  • Dr Kaye Price
  • Mr Paul Scholtens
  • Ms Rebecca Sorensen
  • Dr Marilyn Truscott
  • Dr Jill Waterhouse


  • Ms Sharon Priestly, ACT Place Names Officer
  • Ms Genevieve Palm, ACT Place Names Officer

Committee responsibilities

The Terms of Reference (Word) for the Place Names Committee are to:

  • establish policies and guidelines for the determination of place names for Territory land in the ACT, including suburbs (divisions), roads, public places and geographic features; and
  • provide recommendations to the Minister or his delegate on place names for Territory land in the ACT.

The Committee meets on an as required basis or at least twice a year. A meeting is arranged whenever issues arise that need a consensus of opinion from the Committee. Issues that would require a meeting may include:

  • discussion on and formulation of place names policies
  • contentious issues
  • discussion on new suburb names and/or themes

Advice is sought from Indigenous Elders, nominated experts (historians and cultural experts) from external agencies, organisations and community groups when required.

The Public Place Names Guidelines which are notified on the ACT Legislation Register detail the established policies for the naming of new divisions, roads and other public places in the ACT.

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