Proposal for Commemoration

ACT Place Names welcomes nominations of names of notable Australians for inclusion in the ACT's nomenclature database to be used to help research names for future suburbs, streets and parks. Simply fill in the nomination form below.

When proposing names for commemoration in ACT's public place names, please consider the place names processes and the following guidelines:

  • to be nominated in Canberra's street nomenclature a person must be deceased. A 12 month grace period applies before a name can be commemorated.
  • names that are likely to cause offence or confusion are to be avoided.
  • names should be unique (not used before). Please check proposed name against those already in use by entering the name into our Place name search. If the name has been used before it is most unlikely that the nomination will gain support.

The information you provide in the fields below should be comprehensive enough to enable ACT Place Names to carry out further research.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Place Names Officer on 02 6205 0057 or if you have any questions.

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