Braddon Commercial Area

The new Territory Plan came into effect on March 31 2008. The policies and controls from the existing Territory Plan were translated, as much as possible, without changing the policy intent. There were, however, areas where the Government believed a change to the existing planning controls was appropriate as a result of planning studies and consultation.

Braddon was one of these areas.

The Braddon Commercial Area Planning Study Final Report explains intended character and sustainability opportunities for the area, aspects which are not part of the planning controls outlined in the Territory Plan.

The new Territory Plan establishes building envelope controls that may provide for buildings up to four to six storeys. These controls will provide opportunities for commercial development on the ground and first floor levels, with residential development on upper floors.


The Canberra Spatial Plan identified residential intensification within 7.5 km radius of the City Centre as a long term planning strategy to manage urban growth.  As Braddon falls within this radius, there is a great potential for the redevelopment of Braddon commercial precinct.

As part of an earlier neighbourhood planning process for Braddon, extensive community consultation was undertaken and a Braddon Neighbourhood Plan released in 2003, which identified the future direction for Braddon.

A 2005 social impact assessment identified significant safety and amenity issues caused mainly by through traffic and lack of active frontages during after hours.

The City Area Infrastructure Capacity and Catchment Study for Braddon, completed in 2006, recognised that the stormwater network capacity is adequate to cater for existing and future redevelopments.  High density developments in the City, three storey apartments along Torrens Street and taller buildings along Northbourne Avenue have triggered interest among the industry and community.

As a result of several background studies and extensive consultation with the community during these studies, ACTPLA undertook the planning study on the Braddon commercial precinct. Consultation on the Braddon Commercial Area Planning Study Draft report occurred between November 14 and December 17 2007.

The Braddon Commercial Area Planning Study Final Report incorporates the original draft report with changes resulting from comments received during the consultation period.