Curtin Group Centre Master Plan

The ACT Government endorsed the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan in November 2018. The master plan was developed in consultation with the local community, local business and landholders. It outlines the vision, planning principles and strategies to guide growth and development in the centre. It recommends protecting the value of the central courtyard as a focal point for community activity and balancing new opportunities for development that maintains the centre’s village character. The master plan also recommends improvements to public spaces and to neighbourhood walking and cycling routes to support community activities and business.

Further information about the master plan can be found on Yoursay.

Community Engagement

Stage 1 community engagement

The first stage of community engagement for the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan introduced the master planning project, gained feedback on what needs to be addressed in the centre and outlined the process and timeframes.

Stage 2 community engagement

The first stage of community engagement informed the preparation of the Curtin Group Centre Draft Master Plan. During this second stage of engagement, the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) hosted a series of events where the community could meet with the planners to discuss the future of the centre.

Key messages from the community included:

  • to retain the village character in the centre, in particular the low-scale building heights around the central courtyard. There was a general view that tall buildings are out of character in the retail core area;
  • that parking availability is considered to be central to the centre's convenience and function;
  • strong support for improvements to walking and cycling connection; and
  • strong support for improvements to open spaces, including the western open space.

The feedback was used to inform preparation of the final master plan. Details on the outcomes of stage 2 can be found in the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan – Community Engagement Report Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Stage 3 community panel meetings

EPSDD hosted three community panel meetings to discuss the development and redevelopment opportunities for the group centre. This process was designed to bring the developers and community together to look for shared outcomes. The panel format facilitated discussion on the future of the group centre with representation from a broad cross section of the community, including community members, lessees, owners, developers and government.

The panel meetings were framed around the master plan process, development proposals, infrastructure, things that make the area special to the community and business in the group centre.

At the third and final community panel meeting, EPSDD presented revised master plan diagrams for consideration and discussion by panel members. The community panel generally supported the revisions, however building heights adjacent to the existing central courtyard remained contested.

See a summary and the outcomes report of the community panel meetings.

Stage 4 community engagement: Revised Draft Master Plan

The final stage of community engagement sought comments on revisions made to the  Curtin Group Centre Draft Master Plan as a result of the community panel's recommendations. Feedback from this find stage of engagement can be found in the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan – Community Engagement Report Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Next steps

The master plan will be implemented through a range further actions including:

  • A draft variation (DV) to the Territory Plan. Community consultation on DV363 starts 7 June and closes on 5 August 2019
  • Opportunities for land release of Territory owned blocks
  • Capital works for public domain upgrades to be considered in context of future budget funding
  • Uptake of opportunities by private sector and the community.