Dickson Centre Master Plan

The ACT Government has endorsed the Dickson centre master plan as the vision to rejuvenate and renew the Dickson group centre, to make it a better place for residents, business and visitors.

The master plan follows extensive consultation with the community and opens the way for this iconic centre to attract new retail, commercial and residential development for both day and night activities.

The Dickson centre master plan intends enhancing the essential characteristics of the the centre, including the cafe area in Dickson Place and the multicultural area around Woolley Street. It will revitalise the area with a range of other opportunities for new services and facilities.

Community involvement

Community participation has been extensive from the beginning of the project. See the consultation report.

Dickson Centre Urban Planning and Design Framework Report

The Dickson Centre Urban Planning and Design Framework informed the master plan.

Additional research

The Dickson precinct traffic and parking study final report (July 2012) supplements the traffic and parking study conducted as part of the planning and development framework.


Variation 311 implements the findings of the Dickson centre master plan by rezoning the public car park at block 20 section 34 (by the Tradies Club) and revising planning controls for the centre in the Dickson Precinct Code.

More information on the variation is available on the Approved variations to the Territory Plan page.

What happens next?

There are a number of steps required to implement the master plan including:

  • releasing some land identified in the master plan
  • preparing a precinct code that specifies land use, height and design details
  • undertaking investigation and documentation to allow for land release
  • identifying and preparing capital works proposals for public space and infrastructure improvements.

It will then be the task of the business community to take advantage of these opportunities to invest in the centre and help it meet the community's needs.

Given many of the proposed changes are on existing developed sites, the plan is likely to take a number of years. The community will be involved at each stage of development, either through consultation on changes to the Territory Plan or notification of development applications.