Oaks Estate Master Plan

The Oaks Estate Master Plan defines what is important about Oaks Estate and identifies opportunities for moderate growth while maintaining the area’s existing history and character.

Consultation is an important part of the master plan process. People who live or work in or near Oaks Estate, or who use the area, have valuable knowledge that can help the government develop a successful, workable master plan. The Oaks Estate community has helped set the vision for the area and provided essential input into the finalisation of this master plan.

The Oaks Estate Master Plan aims to improve traffic movement and the public domain, and harmonise land uses to maintain the existing village character. The master plan proposes strategies that allow for:

  • acknowledging Oaks Estate as a semi-rural village and protecting its unique character
  • new opportunities for sustainable, mixed-use development to revitalise the village
  • recommending improvements in traffic management for safety and amenity
  • connecting pedestrian and cycling paths to the Queanbeyan and ACT shared path system
  • recommending improving the recreational and environmental value of the Molonglo river corridor with an historic river walk and stormwater management, and
  • providing flexibility for the redevelopment of existing public housing sites.

Next steps

The Draft Variation 328 (DV328) and associated precinct code has been prepared to incorporate the strategies and planning policies of the Oaks Estate Master Plan into the Territory Plan.

The ACT Heritage Council (the Council) has provisionally registered The Oaks homestead (Section 2 Block 16, 19 and 22) and Robertsons’ House (Section 7 Block 11-12) on 18 September 2014. Once public consultation on the provisional registration has been considered, the Council will make a decision on final registration of these places. In most cases, provisional registration is for a period of up to five months, depending on the results of public consultation.

Due to the large scale, complexity and layers of history involved, a decision on whether to provisionally register the larger Oaks Estate Precinct is still being considered.

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