Pialligo Master Plan

The ACT Government worked closely with the Pialligo community to develop a master plan for Pialligo. This master plan builds on the plan developed by the Pialligo Residents Association in 2009.

The master plan outines a vision and planning framework for the future, together with some recommended strategies that can deliver that framework. This master plan recommends a variation to the Territory Plan that will provide more clarity on the nature of development permitted in Pialligo.

Consultation was carried out through the master plan process. This approach was possible given the low number of stakeholders, the support and interest of Pialligo Residents Association (PRA) and individual leaseholders.

The consultation program for the Pialligo Master Plan involved a four stage process as described below:

  • Stage 1 – Issues and ideas
  • Stage 2 – Preliminary ideas
  • Stage 3 – The draft Master Plan
  • Stage 4 – Refining the final Master Plan

The master plan recognises that Pialligo has a special place in the ACT, but that development and change can be supported in a way that is consistent with its history and character.

Some of the key recommendations in the master plan include:

  • A mix of development which includes residential living and a diversity of rural/environmental related commercial activities;
  • Preservation of the natural landscape, fertile soils and capacity for current and future food production;
  • Protection and promotion of the Aboriginal and historic heritage values of Pialligo;
  • An attractive and safer pedestrian environment along Beltana and Kallaroo Road corridors;
  • Pedestrian and cycle links to Pialligo and the Molonglo River; and
  • Stormwater and flooding mitigation measures.

Variation 321 Pialligo agricultural area was approved by the Minister for Planning on 29 July 2015 and tabled in the Legislative Assembly on 4 August 2015. The variation commenced on 21 August 2015.