Tuggeranong Town Centre Master Plan and Erindale Group Centre Master Plan

The master plans set out the vision, outcomes and strategies to manage development and change over time. It defines what is important about the centres and how their character and quality can be conserved, improved and enhanced. It sets out principles and outcomes to manage development and change. The Tuggeranong and Erindale master plans have been endorsed by the ACT Government.

Tuggeranong Town Centre Master Plan

Erindale Group Centre Master Plan

A draft variation to the Territory Plan has been prepared to change the planning controls at the Erindale Group Centre to realise the endorsed master plan.

Amendments to the Territory Plan that implement the planning recommendations made by the Tuggeranong Town Centre Master Plan and Erindale Group Centre Master Plan commenced 3 October 2014 (Plan Variation No318) and 6 November 2015 (Plan Variation No320).


The future of the Tuggeranong centre, the Erindale centre and the main road corridor linking them (Erindale Drive) has been considered holistically in terms of land use, traffic, parking, transport, environment, aesthetics, economic viability and growth, and health and wellbeing.

The directorate worked closely with other government directorates, specialist consultants and an expert reference group of planners and designers to inform the master plans.

It also engaged with residents, community groups, lessees, local businesses owners and young people, who contributed new ideas, identified issues with the centres and gained a sense of ownership of the outcomes.

One of the first tasks for the master planning project was background research and analysis. This involved input from the community and specialist consultants. The analysis summary report summarises this initial background research and analysis work.

Initial research undertaken by each specialist consultant can be found below:

Traffic, car parking and bus station - Erindale

An additional traffic and car parking study was completed by transport, traffic and parking specialist consultants, SMEC. Click here to view the Erindale Traffic Plan - Final Report

Bus station feasibility study

The Erindale Bus Station Feasibility Study aims to identify a suitable location for a new bus station and determine the assets and ancillary facilities it requires. The new station is an integral part of the Tuggeranong-Erindale master plan and is in line with the objectives outlined in the Transport for Canberra policy and the Public Transport Plan.

Erindale is currently serviced on week days by ACTION bus routes 11, 63, 65 and 66. All use the Comrie Street stops in the centre, except route 65, which uses stops on Sternberg Crescent. On weekends Erindale is serviced by the Blue Rapid 900 series.

An Erindale bus station will help improve public transport connectivity for eastern Tuggeranong. There is a potential to introduce City-Woden-Tuggeranong rapid services through Erindale, which willbe in line with recommendations of the ACT Strategic Public Network Plan.

Seven options for the bus station were developed.After carrying out bus user surveys and extensive consultations, one of those options has been considered for further development.

Stage 1: A new rapid bus service (similar to the 300 series) will originate from Ricardo (West) Street.Both rapid buses and coverage buses (routes 11, 63, 65 and 66) will stop at the existing bus station on Comrie Street.

Stage 2: Ricardo (West) Street is proposed to be extended and connected with Erindale Drive. Rapid buses will originate from Tuggeranong (instead of Erindale) and stop at extended Ricardo (West) Street.Coverage buses will stop at Comrie Street.They will also stop at extended Ricardo (West) Street to facilitate passenger transfer.

To facilitate this option it will be necessary to widen the intersections Ricardo East and West have with McBryde Crescent and put traffic signals at the west intersection, and address traffic issues at Gartside Street.

Community Engagement

Community consultation has involved four stages. All stages have been completed.

Related projects

This master plan project is one of several government initiatives that are underway in the area. The project team is co-ordinating the Tuggeranong and Erindale centres master planning project with these projects.