Weston Group Centre master plan

The Weston Group Centre Master Plan defines what is important about the Weston group centre and identifies opportunities for growth while maintaining the area’s existing character. The master plan sets the vision and planning guidelines to guide the future development of the centre. Opportunities for intensification and rejuvenation of the centre have been identified in the master plan including a possible retail expansion in the centre, improved opportunities for active travel and the integration of residential in the centre.

Development of the master plan was informed by extensive background research and analysis including transport, retail economic and infrastructure studies together with community and key stakeholder engagement.

Consultation is an important part of the master plan process. People who live or work in or near the Weston Group Centre, or who use the area have valuable knowledge that can help the government develop a successful, workable master plan. The Weston community has helped set the vision for the area and provided essential input into the finalisation of this master plan.

Some of the key recommendations include:

  • allowing for additional parking on Dillon Close and Liardet Street to free up more short term parking near the centre
  • encouraging active travel by integrating the frequent rapid service into the centre, incorporating a Bike and Ride facility on Parkinson Street and improving pedestrian and cyclist paths in the centre for better connectivity
  • improving pedestrian access on Brierly Street and planning for the enhancement of Trenerry Square as a place where the community can meet
  • encouraging a diversity of residential development in the centre close to facilities and services whilst keeping with the centre’s unique character
  • encouraging commercial growth in some areas whilst retaining small business in the centre
  • locating a site for an additional service station for Weston Creek and Molonglo residents
  • proposing improvements to the Weston Oval and better connections to the Weston Creek green spine, the landscaped corridor to the east.

What's happening next?

A draft variation to the Territory Plan (DV329) has been prepared to incorporate the strategies and planning policies of the Weston Group Centre Master Plan into the revised precinct code for the area. The community will be notified separately about the public consultation for DV329 Weston Group Centre.

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