ACT/NSW border survey original field books

This is the digital version of the field books that were used in the original ACT/NSW border survey. Besides being priceless cultural relics in themselves, they are still the paramount record of the location of the border between the ACT and NSW, recording the measurements and marking of an original Crown survey.

Whilst running this survey, Surveyor Percy Sheaffe experienced difficulties in connecting to survey marks of lands that the border passed through. As the Commonwealth was going to acquire all such land parcels, he also resurveyed all these parcels and recorded his observations in additional field books, which are also part of this collection.

This resource is recommended for use by surveyors - especially from New South Wales - who are undertaking any surveys in the vicinity of the border, particularly redefinition work.

Use of books

Bearings in these books and on the plans drawn from them are based on the meridian as passing through Stromlo Trigonometrical Station, a datum that is used to this day in the ACT. Stromlo bearings gave a value of about 10º greater than the magnetic bearings used on portion plans at the time of survey (1911 to 1915) for this region of Australia.

Beside survey observations, details include references to natural and cultural features and sketching of the areas being surveyed. Supplementary surveys were carried out on all blocks of land that had the border passing through them.

Each entry includes the book's field book number, extent of survey, surveyor's name, dates the surveyor entered or completed the information in the book, and the number of the corresponding sheet in the FC18 series of border plans.

Scanned in colour at a resolution of 300dpi (85μm), these images will allow for discernment of the finest detail recorded in these books. If a book does not appear in the list it is because the whereabouts of that book is not known.

List of field books