Before a property is sold

Sellers in the ACT must have a range of information available for prospective buyers before a property can be offered or advertised for sale. The Planning and Land Authority can help sellers with some of this information.

Documents needed

Sellers need to gather legal and technical information about the property and have a contract drafted before it is offered for sale. The required documents will vary depending on the type of property being sold. A guide, Reality Check External link, is available from Access Canberra.

Get documents from us

You need to make a lease conveyancing request before we can provide a report that gives you information on:

  • heritage listing
  • outstanding rent under the crown lease
  • development applications affecting the property
  • any orders issued against the property
  • compliance (with lease provisions) certificate
  • applications for dual occupancy
  • contaminated land search.

You need to make a building conveyancing request before we can provide a copy, where they exist on file, of a:

  • certificate of occupancy
  • survey certificate
  • approved building plans
  • drainage plan
  • building file summary sheet.

You may need to employ a licensed certifier if you have building work on your block for which approval has not previously been obtained.

Other documents

You also need to have an Energy Efficiency Rating Statement, a building and compliance inspection report and a pest inspection report. To get these reports you will need to employ a building inspector.

How to begin

Talk to your solicitor or contact Access Canberra to find out what documents are required to be provided for your sale.

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