Forward work plan

Improving the ACT Building Regulatory System

Forward work plan

Some reforms relating to payments and dispute resolution (all or part of reforms 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 37, 38, 40, 41, and 43) are dependent on reviewing the findings of the national security of payments review commissioned by the Australian Government.

This work plan includes remaining reforms other than those that relate to the national review, which will be updated later in 2018 after further discussions between jurisdictions on the response the review.


Immediate priorities

  • New licence examinations for new class A, B and C builder licences applications
  • Minimum documentation requirements for new building approval applications
  • Codes of practice for builders and building certifiers
  • Continuing work on the new auditing system for building approvals and building work
  • Training for building surveyors and other people in the building industry

Reform program

Design and documentation

1 Develop guidelines for minimum design documentation for building approval applications

2 Including advice on high risk building elements in pre-Development Approval advice

Stage inspection and supervision

3 New code of practice guidelines for builders covering supervision and critical hold points

4 New code of practice for building certifiers covering stage inspection requirements (remaining part of reform 4)

5 New regulation for lodgement of stage inspection information after the inspection is complete

30 Develop, pilot and start first audits under the risk-based auditing and inspection system for regulated building certification and building work (auditing will include assessment against new codes and documents requirements outlined above)


9 Expand written assessments (exams) to all building classifications

13 Require additional information in relation to the nominee and their understanding of their role and eligibility for appointment at the time of application

14 Expand licence renewal assessments to include rechecking of eligibility and compliance history

15 Create an online course for building surveyors operating or intending to operate under the ACT’s building regulatory system

16 Introduce a pre-application assessment for building surveyors licence applicants and for licensees who have transferred from other jurisdictions

35 Further consultation on design practitioner licensing, contracting and licence categories (includes scopes of engineering work related to building and construction and developers contracting for sale of new residential buildings)

36 Consult of the findings of the review in relation to insurance and practitioner accountability

Contracts for residential buildings and building work

21 Enact a regulation to delineate agency agreements from a building contract for certain residential building work contracts

Alternative dispute resolution - residential buildings

29 Consider adoption of new standards and tolerances for building-related disputes and complaints, including contractual disputes


Reform program

Stage inspection and supervision

30 Complete full deployment of risk-based auditing and inspection system for regulated building certification and building work


31 Consider introduction of non-written forms of assessment after review of six months operation of the written pre-licence assessment for building licence applicants

32 Implement mandatory qualifications for corporate and partnership licences, potentially including financial assessment

33 Expand mandatory qualifications for new building surveyor licence categories to include completion of the online training course.

Contracts for residential buildings and building work

39 Consult on the findings of the review of the ACT building regulatory system in relation to building contracts and the residential building insurance system


42 Consider issues raised by stakeholders during the consultation where supported by the findings of the review of the ACT building regulatory system

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