Housing Choices

The Housing Choices project is looking at how the ACT Government could better meet the housing needs of its residents, with a goal to introduce more flexibility, better housing choices and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that our community wants. The engagement process has involved Canberrans contributions with ideas on interesting and innovative strategies to improve housing outcomes.

The Canberra community has always shown considerable interest and involvement in the planning of our city. Housing policies have again come to the fore, with considerable interest in housing choice and affordability.

To date, and consistent with the ACT Planning Strategy, housing choices policy has focused on encouraging a more compact city by focusing a balance of urban infill and city expansion, urban intensification in town centres, group centres and along the major public transport routes.

It is recognised there also needs to be greater choice in existing residential areas, with a focus on areas close to existing services, facilities, workplaces, educational institutions and alternative transport options.

The Housing Choices discussion paper,  released for comment from late 2017 to March 2018, provided a dedicated forum for conversations on housing choice and diversity to continue. The discussion paper sought the community’s views on housing choice and the expansion of residential options.

Community feedback

Thank you to everyone who got involved in the Housing Choices conversation. The engagement history and summary reports are all available on the YourSay website.

The key topics raised by Canberrans demonstrate the complexity of housing policy and related challenges facing the ACT as well as the diverse range of community participants involved in the consultation process. What we heard is that there is a wide range of housing types desired and needed to suit the needs of the diverse members of our community.

  • Age in place and downsize
  • Building construction quality and policy
  • Bush Capital and Garden City
  • Climate and environment
  • Community engagement
  • Evidence base
  • Housing affordability
  • Housing delivery, ownership and rental models
  • Housing density and infill
  • Housing design quality
  • Housing and block options and types
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Neighbourhood amenity, character and design
  • Planning system (general)
  • Strategic planning
  • Suburb-specific comments
  • Territory Plan codes and zone

Next Steps

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) is currently exploring options for making changes to the Territory Plan in response to the Collaboration Hub’s recommendations.

The key recommendations of the Collaboration Hub include: introducing mandatory standards for proportion of soft landscaping and plantable area in RZ3 to RZ5; increasing the mix of dwelling sizes and housing types in all residential zones; and allowing dual occupancy developments with separate title in RZ1.

Any policy changes will be made as part of a variation to the Territory Plan for the Housing Choices project. This variation is anticipated to be released for public consultation in early 2019.

ACT Housing Choices Collaboration Hub Report

ACT Government response to Collaboration Hub

Submissions received

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