Molonglo Valley planning

Stage 1 housingMolonglo Valley is the newest greenfield’s development front in the ACT, which, at capacity, is planned to accommodate approximately 55,000 new residents over the coming decades.

The Molonglo Valley is characterised by undulating, and in some places, very challenging natural topography for urban land development. The Valley and associated Molonglo River Corridor, however, present excellent opportunities to demonstrate best practice in ecological conservation, bushfire management, provision of local recreation facilities, and the incorporation of unique and distinctive landscape design features in the urban area.

The environmental attributes of the Molonglo River Corridor are recognised and protected under the Commonwealth Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, through the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment.

Land development in Molonglo Valley is planned in three stages:

  • Stage 1 – suburbs of Coombs and Wright, and the region of North Weston
  • Stage 2 – suburbs of Denman Prospect and Molonlgo
  • Stage 3 – suburbs north of the Molonglo River.

Project Area

Molonglo Valley Staging Plan (904.1 KB)

Molonglo Valley Territory Plan Map (1.6 MB)


A range of detailed investigations, policies and statutory documents have been completed to establish a framework for future development in the Molonglo Valley. These include:

Current status

Interim planning and design framework – stage 3

The purpose of the interim planning and design framework (PDF) is to facilitate capital works construction to support future land release in the Molonglo Valley stage 3 development area. Works include the construction of 900 metres of John Gorton Drive (Coppins Crossing Road), the John Gorton Drive/ William Hovell Drive intersection and a water main extension from Belconnen. The interim limited area PDF applies only to the capital works construction area, and no works will be undertaken outside the interim PDF area.

A PDF for the entire Molonglo Valley Stage 3 area will be released by the end of 2017 which will explain the location and layout of:

  • future land uses such as housing, shops, schools and community facilities
  • trunk water, sewerage and electricity infrastructure
  • higher order road and open space networks.

Molonglo Valley stage 2 Commercial Centre and environs

The Molonglo Commercial Centre and environs is expected to comprise the principal commercial and civic centre for the Molonglo Valley district.

Planning and design is underway for the commercial centre and immediate surrounding residential area, which aims to accommodate 7,000-9,000 people of the total 18,000 anticipated for stage 2. The aim is to create a vibrant, mixed-use urban village that provides a high quality public realm and a positive model for urban housing forms that meet the ACT Government’s objectives for a more compact, sustainable city, and for the provision of affordable housing.

Following extensive community and stakeholder consultation undertaken in 2012, forward planning is progressing for the commercial centre.

Planning and design framework – stage 2

To accommodate the anticipated 18,000 residents within the Molonglo Valley stage 2 area, the ACT Government has prepared a detailed planning and design framework. The framework encapsulates the policies and principles set out in the Molonglo Valley and North Weston Structure Plan and other ACT Government policies to guide the development of Molonglo Valley stage 2.

Molonglo Valley stage 2 Planning and Design Framework (3.5 MB)

Coombs Subdivision Development Application – 2012

The Coombs Estate Development Plan Development Application (DA No. 201120676) proposed by the Land Development Agency was conditionally approved by the planning and land authority in December 2011. The decision to approve the estate was appealed to the Australian Capital Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) by the Conservation Council (ACT Region). Parties to the hearing agreed to file a consent order with ACAT in March 2012, following successful mediation in February 2012.

Part of the agreement is that future development applications for the area in north-east Coombs (see attached map) would not be lodged until such time as a Plan of Management that includes the river corridor adjacent to the suburb of Coombs was in place.

ACT Government land release program

For information about the timing of land release in the Molonglo Valley and north Weston, contact the Land Development Agency or refer to the ACT Government's indicative residential land supply program, available from the Chief Minister's Department.

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