DA public notification

The Planning and Land Authority notifies development applications that are lodged in the merit track or impact track. There is no requirement to publicly notify a code track development application.

Types of notification

There are two categories of public notification:

  • minor - letters are sent to adjoining neighbours, who have 10 working days in which to make a representation; and
  • major - a sign is placed on the property, a notice is placed on the Planning website and letters are sent to adjoining neighbours, who have 15 working days in which to make a representation.

Adjoining neighbours are those who immediately abut or are directly opposite the property for which the development application has been lodged. This means that not everyone in the street will receive a personal letter of notice. The letters, signs and notices will advise of the location of where to view the development application, which may include DA Public Notifications

Either types of notification may apply to merit track development applications, while impact track development applications always involve the major notification process. The Planning and Development Regulation determines whether a development application requires minor or major notification.


A representation is a comment on or objection to a development application received during the public notification period. A representation must be made during the public notification period to be considered during the assessment of the development application. Representations form part of the public register and are made available to the applicant, unless exemption has been granted. Anyone who has made a representation during the public notification period is notified in writing of the decision as well as any rights of review of the decision.

PLEASE NOTE: Representations submitted for development applications marked - PUBLIC NOTIFICATION PERIOD CLOSED - Representations can no longer be submitted in relation to this DA on the Planning and Land Authority notification website will not be considered in the assessment of the DA in accordance with the requirements of S156(2) of the Planning and Development Act 2007.

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