Avoiding delays with your DA

Check it twice - lodge it once!

Remember to check your development application carefully before you lodge it with EPD. The processing of applications can be delayed if you have not uploaded the right information. 

To avoid delays make sure you complete all the questions in the DA wizard in eDevelopment and, in particular, make sure that:

  • the letter of appointment signed by all lessees
  • public register floor plans for residential applications are included
  • you include a statement against relevant criteria for applications that will be assessed in the Merit or Impact tracks
  • your site and floor plans are correct.

Once a development application is received, the documentation will undergo a completeness check to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for lodgement. If the documentation provided is acceptable, you will receive written confirmation the application is ready for lodgement and a request for the payment of the application fees. A development application is not lodged until full payment of fees is made.

If the DA documentation is not acceptable for lodgement, you will receive written advice detailing the additional information required and/or any other issues with your application. Once these things are provided EPD will recommence the completeness check and fee payment process outlined above. Additional fees are payable where a DA fails the completeness check (see Fees and Charges booklet (accessible HTML version)).

To assist you in preparing your development application, you can use the documentation requirements - definitions and checklists to identify the relevant documentation required for your particular application.

Need more information

You can visit the EPD Customer Service Centre, 16 Challis Street, Dickson, or call us on (02) 6207 1923 and ask to speak with a technical officer.

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