Public register floor plans for single residential development

Part 3.6 of the Planning and Development Act 2007 (the Act) deals with the requirements of the public register and associated documents.

All development applications regardless of whether they require public notification are placed on the public register for public scrutiny UNLESS exemption from the public register has been applied for and granted.

The Act is specific about the types of information available on the register and in some circumstances it is very specific about things that are not available for public scrutiny.

This is the case in relation to residential floor plans.

Pt 3.6 – Planning and Development Act 2007

S.30 (3) However, for this part, an associated document does not include—

  1. a. the plans, drawings or specifications of any residential part of a building or proposed building, other than plans, drawings or specifications that only show the height and external configuration of the building or proposed building

For development applications where there is a residential component (includes mixed use, multi-unit, single residential etc) it is important that public register floor plans are submitted as part of the development application in every case. If these plans are not provided at the time of lodgement you will be asked to provide them before the application will be accepted for lodgement.

This floor plan should be saved and named FLOORREG-20191XXXX-01.

The Authority still requires floor plans to be submitted with the internal walls shown. These plans will be used for assessment purpose but will not be available to the public.

These floor plans should be saved and named %FLOORASSESS-20191XXXX-01

There are cases where the person drawing the plans also provides the internal layout of the house on the site plan. In this case the site plan would need to be amended to comply with the public register requirements or alternatively an extra site plan that meets the public register requirements can be submitted with the application.

If two site plans are lodged, the site plan with the floor layout shown should be named %SITE-20191XXXX-01 and the public register version named SITE-20191XXXX-01.

Requirements for Public Register Floor Plans

A public register floor plan is a floor plan that does not show internal walls for privacy reasons but must show all windows, external doors, external walls and be clearly marked to enable identification of the use of the room/ space or an indication on the floor plan as to what the space will be used for (e.g. bedrooms, living area, car accommodation). This plan must include external dimensions.

Example of a floor plan

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