Getting your site plan right

Getting your DA right - site and floor plans

One of the main reasons development applications fail completeness checks is because site or floor plans are incomplete or don't meet the Australian standard. There is an Australian Standard AS1100 for dimensions for plans and all plans submitted to Planning and Land Authority must meet this standard.

EPD can’t assess an application unless it meets the standard

Plans also fail completeness checks because:

  • all the details of works on the application form are not included
  • the application doesn’t clearly delineate existing and new work
  • they may have “proposed future ….” or works not included in the scope of the current application
  • the gross floor area is not stated on the site plan
  • plans are not to scale or to an established scale.
  • natural ground level and height dimensions are not always indicated on section plans
  • shadow diagrams fail to indicate the location of buildings and private open spaces overshadowed on adjoining blocks
  • swimming pool, fences and retaining walls are omitted
  • landscape plans (especially for larger developments) are not accompanied by schedule of all proposed trees, shrubs, groundcovers etc.

What have you left out of your application?

Another common reasons applications fail the completeness check is because the applicant has failed to include necessary plans such as:

  • an environment protection plan
  • a verge management plan
  • a landscape management plan
  • a tree management plan.

REMEMBER to include these plans in your application (if they are required) so it doesn’t get delayed unneccessarily.

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