Exemptions from development approval, but not building approval

Some developments may be exempt from development approval, but may still require building approval. For example, a single house in a new housing estate will be exempt from development approval provided it meets certain design and siting requirements of relevant Territory Plan Codes, but will still require building approval.

For more information refer to the building approval information pack.

Certifier's role in exempt development

Building certifiers:

  • verify that exempt developments meet the development exemption criteria and therefore do not require a development application, if an application for building approval shows building work that might be exempt from requiring a development approval
  • verify that sitework, such as driveways and tree damage, and building work shown in a building approval application is either: exempt from requiring development approval, if the exemption requirements for the building work also require the sitework to be exempt; or in accordance with a development approval.

Certifiers are prohibited from issuing a building approval where a development application is required but is not in force.

List of certifiers and other industry professionals

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