Block information

Before you begin preparing plans, it is useful to gather information about the block that you wish to develop. Below are some common types of information that may be needed.

Territory Plan zone

Zones have particular planning controls that apply to pieces of land. In which zone is the block that you wish to develop or build on? You can find this out in a number of ways:

  • one option is to use ACTMAPi and zoom into the map until you find your block, then click the "Territory Plan" listing on the left side of the menu. By hovering your cursor over your block, it will bring up the name of the zone and you can then click to the relevant part of the Territory Plan that will describe for you what types of development can be undertaken on that block.
  • another option is to use the Territory Plan and click on the Governance heading, then the relevant PDF of the district you live in and zoom into the area that you live, comparing the colour of your block to the legend on the map.

Utility assets

Contact ActewAGL to establish the locations of gas and communication utility networks and Icon Water for water and sewerage utility networks that are located on or near your property. They can discuss with you the impact any development may have on those assets or networks.

Plumbing ties

Plumbing tie information can be found by making a plumbing tie search.

Sanitary pipes

For alterations and extensions, sanitary drainage plans detailing the sanitary pipe layout for the block can be purchased from us by completing an online transaction through Access Canberra. The plan image will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the application and payment being received.

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