Heritage status means a place or object requires advice by the ACT Heritage Council on development issues to improve conservation outcomes. Development that has the potential to affect the heritage values of a place may include:

  • works such as demolition, building, changing appearance of a building, earthworks, removal of mature plantings, re-landscaping, unapproved burning or land clearing;
  • a variation of a lease on the land;
  • a change in use of the land for an activity not authorised by the lease; or
  • use of unleased land that is not authorised by a permit or licence.

Find out about heritage places or objects

When considering undertaking development you should confirm whether it may affect a heritage place or object by:

  • determining if a place or object is on the Heritage Register or is nominated;
  • obtaining a copy of the Heritage Register entry, if relevant. This will inform you about the heritage significance of a place or object as well as heritage guidelines controlling development for that place or object;
  • considering getting further specialist advice, such as from the Heritage Advisory Service, which is most useful early in the process when still deciding on your proposal;
  • seeking advice from us about whether the proposed activity will require a development application; and
  • seeking advice as to whether the proposal will be consistent with the heritage values of the place. This is done by arranging a pre-application meeting through Planning and Land Authority for staff at Territory and Municipal Services to discuss the documentation required (such as a site plan, preliminary design and plan of works proposed). This will ensure all the requirements are met to enable assessment of the potential impact of development proposal on the place’s heritage significance.

Heritage approvals

Once a development application is made, an integrated process is followed to ensure that potential effects on heritage values are taken into account and managed appropriately. The process is as follows:

  • the Planning and Land Authority provides the Heritage Council with a copy of each development application that relates to a registered or nominated heritage place or object;
  • the Heritage Council provides advice to the Planning and Land Authority about the effect of a development on the heritage significance of a place or object, and on ways to avoid or minimise its impact on heritage significance within 15 working days. This advice may also recommend conditions on any approval of the development, including measures to conserve the heritage significance of the place or object, conservation requirements under applicable Heritage Guidelines and/or a Conservation Management Plan approved by the Council; and
  • the advice of the Heritage Council must be considered by the Planning and Land Authority in approving or refusing to approve a development application.

Get help

Contact us or the Heritage Advisory Service.

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