Commercial development waterways calculator

Use this spreadsheet to calculate the water consumption of commercial, Industrial or Institutional developments with and without water saving features (i.e. Pre2003 water consumption).

Information required when using the calculator

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Water rating for shower head, dishwasher, toilet and clothes washer
  • Site area
  • Total roof area
  • All rainwater tank information
  • All grey water system information and
  • Any swimming pool, spa or pond information.
  • Lawn area
  • Garden area
  • Impervious surface area
  • Stormwater retention targets (which requires a separate submission to the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate External link)
  • Net conditioned floor area
  • Water ratings for the tap fittings and urinals
  • The area of irrigated garden
  • The approximate water consumption of the cooling system and the fire testing system

The percentage of toilets and urinals connected to the rainwater tanks or grey water system (Whether these toilets and urinals are connected to both the rain water tanks and the grey water systems).

Download the calculator (XLS 14MB)

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