Notice of decision

This information is applicable to development applications lodged after 31 March 2008. 

A notice of decision grants development approval. It is made once a development application has been assessed.

Assessment of DAs

Assessment of a development application is made according to whether it is in the code track, merit track or impact track. Timeframes for decisions also depend on what track the development application is in and whether representations are received during the public notification of the development application.

Types of decisions

The Planning and Land Authority or the Minister can:

  • approve a development application;
  • approve a development application subject to conditions; or
  • refuse a development application.

The Minister may, in writing, direct the Authority to refer a development application that has not yet been determined. The Minister may decide to consider and determine a development application if in the Minister’s opinion:

  • the development application raises a major policy issue;
  • the development application seeks approval for a development that may have a substantial effect on the achievement or development of the object of the Territory Plan as set out in the Territory Plan statement of strategic directions and objectives for each zone to which the application relates; or
  • the approval or refusal of the development application would provide a substantial public benefit.

If the Minister is satisfied that they should not consider the application, they must refer it back to the Planning and Land Authority for a decision.

Receiving the notice of decision

Once a decision has been made, applicants receive an automated email with a link to download the notice of decision, together with any associated plans. Plans that are approved are electronically stamped. Applicants will need to comply with the conditions of development approval in the notice of decision and will need to consider any further approvals required for construction.

A notice of decision is also sent to anyone who made a representation during the public notification period. A public register of development applications and decisions about them is kept. Rights to a review of a decision may apply.

Further approvals for construction

The notice of decision grants development approval only. It does not cover other approvals which may be required for or during construction, such as building approval.

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