DA lodgement requirements

DA documents can be lodged for approval with the Planning and Land Authority by the applicant, builder or the design professional who has prepared the plans.

The lodgement process

The development application lodgement process includes:

  1. Applicant submits development application via eDevelopment.
  2. A lodgement check is carried out to ensure the minimum requirements for lodging a DA have been met. Lodgement checks may be completed within 3-5 business days.
  3. If the DA submission is complete, a fee advice is sent requesting payment of the relevant fees.
  4. If the DA submission is incomplete, a request is sent to the applicant to submit the additional information.
  5. On payment of the fees, the DA is formally lodged, assessment commences,necessary public notifications are issued and referrals made to relevant entities.

Document requirements

  • the applicant is responsible for identifying the track - code track, merit track or impact track - and completing the lodgement form prior to lodgement;
    • each document must be saved as a PDF
    • all plans must be rotated to landscape
    • all plans are to be clear and concise and consistent with Australian Standard 1100.301 - 2008 and Australian Standard 1100.301 supplementary as updated from time to time, and
    • all plans must be uploaded separately using the relevant file naming convention for DA lodgement - naming convention;
  • where specified, some plans and documentation must be provided in printed form;
  • if the development application is for a development that had been undertaken without required development approval, a plan of development prepared by a registered surveyor must be submitted with it and the plan must set out the dimensions of the development; and
  • on-the-spot lodgement checks are not available.

To assist in preparing development applications, please refer to the documentation requirements - definitions and checklists to identify the relevant documentation required for the application.

Submitting development application (DA) documents

DA documents can be lodged using eDevelopment. Follow the eDevelpment link to find out how to register.

Payment of fees

Applicants will be contacted to confirm payment of the required development application fees once the application has been accepted for lodgement. Payment for fees can be made through one of the following ways:

  • Access Canberra's secure bill payment portal using credit card;
  • By phone (02) 6207 1923 to pay by credit card; or
  • Visit the Dickson Customer Service Centre to pay by credit card, EFTPOS, cash or cheque. Cheques can be made payable to the Planning and Land Authority or Receiver of Public Monies.

Credit cards accepted are MasterCard or Visa.

Once payment is accepted for the correct amount, the development application is considered officially lodged.

After lodgement

After payment of the correct fees, the development application is assessed, and depending on the track it is in, the application may require public notification before we can provide a notice of decision.

Incorrect tracks

The following table outlines development applications lodged in the incorrect track.

If... then...
a development application is lodged in the incorrect track it may be rejected at lodgement if the discrepancy is able to be determined at that time
a development application is lodged and accepted in the incorrect track it will be refused during assessment and returned to the applicant and there will be no refund or transfer of fees available


An amendment to an approved code track, merit track or impact track development application will only be accepted if:

  • the development applied for in the amendment will be substantially the same as the development applied for originally; and
  • the assessment track for the application will not change if the application is amended.

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